OXNED Non Execs offers a highly experienced and specifically-professionally-qualified (FIBC) Independent Professional Non-Executive Business Mentoring and Strategic Planning service which has been helping the owners of Mid-Sized Businesses throughout England and Wales since 1975, and which also, most importantly, has real hands-on experience of actually Interim MD-ing (eighteen) Mid-Sized Businesses just like yours.

Put simply, in every case, we deploy, at a cost to you of usually just £2500 per month plus VAT, (the exact figure depending on the monthly time commitment being planned), for the OXNED Non-Exec service, a very serious level of Business Mentoring, Strategic Planning and Tactical Planning expertise to add notably significant value to your existing and future business. At OXNED Non-Execs, it has been proven time and time again over many decades that our very specific Non-Exec professional qualifications and massive experience and business acumen can be applied super-beneficially to any Mid-Sized Business in whatever Industry Sector.


We act at all times as specifically (Mid-Sized Business) Senior Business Mentors and Counsel, passing on our real-life experiences of the (primarily strategic planning) challenges which every Mid-Sized Business will face from time to time. Unfortunately, in business and in life, experience is something you most often get just after you need it.


A deeply-experienced Interim MD service – And a similarly-experienced Board Meeting Chairing service.


Your non-chargeable and absolutely strings-free initial discussion with Franklyn Roberts will enable you to tell him about your business and to detail your current concerns, issues, problems and (most importantly) the key opportunities, so do please contact him now at - franklyn.roberts@oxnednonexecs.co.uk