We analyse carefully and thoughtfully with you – and with a very big emphasis on WITH YOU - the issues and problems, and particularly the opportunities, which you deem to be facing your business, and then we build together with you (again, very much with you) a short, simple and straightforward Business Plan / Action Plan which will address fully those issues and problems and opportunities, and with which you are happy entirely.  We then stay closely working with you for as long as it takes, to ensure full satisfactory and safe implementation of that plan.

We offer medium term commitment of three / five / seven years, or sometimes a shorter term commitment of say eg twelve months, either way with the appropriately-professional input and support from Franklyn Roberts (FIBC), a highly-experienced and hugely expertized OXNED Non Exec to Mid-Sized Businesses.

Whatever the period of commitment, your Business Plan / Action Plan, which will be out coming from the above initial processes, is likely to involve a formula of a number of key elements, including:

Business analysis and management 

Performance monitoring

Strategy development and implementation

Strategic Product and Market planning

Planning and modelling

Performance analysis

Financing and re-financing

Priming businesses for investment

Recession management

Reorganisation and recovery 


Long term profitability

Acquisitions and mergers

Exit strategies


Please contact us for more information, including you obtaining a copy of our Key Briefing Points document via E-MAIL or on 01235 850790